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Our Staff

Staff members of Arthritis Services are always eager to offer their assistance to callers. The staff is a large part of what makes Arthritis Services such a valuable resource. They're experts in their fields, most with over 20 years of experience. Their humor is uplifting and contagious. Best of all, they're passionate about their work and their clients. What they offer is unique, fun, and educational at the same time. Give them a call.

Cindy Berrier Cindy Berrier, RN, BSN
Executive Director

Cindy has a passion for improving health-care literacy. Before coming to the world of non-profit, she worked as a nurse in orthopedics. She has a wealth of valuable knowledge for the many different types of arthritis; but, most importantly, she is a compassionate listener and problem-solver. She works tirelessly to make sure that each one of our clients gets the best care possible.

 Linda Stewart Linda Stewart
Office Manager, CAP Coordinator

Linda has passionate oversight of the day to day operations of the agency. She coordinates The Community Arthritis Project and works diligently to insure the programming of the agency stays on course.


Jennifer Watson Jennifer Watson
Lead Physical Therapist

Jennifer is a licensed physical therapist working part time with our agency. Jennifer oversees the physical therapy portion of the Community Arthritis Project insuring accountability as we seek to affect change in participants' activities of daily living and overall self-efficacy. Jennifer teaches classes at the community sites daily. Jennifer holds BA in Psychology from Washington University and a Masters degree in physical therapy from Emory.

Vicki Day, RN, BSN
Registered Nurse, Mecklenburg County

Vicki is employed by Mecklenburg County and works in collaboration with Arthritis Services to provide the educational portion of the CAP program. She also assists in information gathering during our pre and post evaluations and co-instructs many of our evidenced-based classes. She interprets the results of our osteoporosis screenings.