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Our Story

Arthritis Patient Services was founded in 1977 by a 33-year-old mother of three struggling with rheumatoid arthritis. Shirley Flowers Rodgers, a long-time resident of Charlotte, recognized a need in this community for special services beyond what could be obtained in physicians' offices. With a little encouragement from her doctor and friends, she started Arthritis Services, a place where others just like her could go to get the support they needed to help them deal with the day-to-day struggles of living with arthritis.

Over the years, this agency has changed its focus slightly in order to provide the best service with a bigger impact to the people who need it most. In 2006, Arthritis Services went on the road with the Community Arthritis Project (CAP), a packaged, portable, bundling of services that is taught to seniors throughout Mecklenburg County.

Arthritis Services, providing direct services to the people in our community, has been a United Way agency for over 20 years.

Shirley Rodgers passed away on April 9, 2009. We are still here because of her vision and success.